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Klinik Dr. Syaz

Klinik Untuk Semua

Klinik Dr. Syaz menumpukan kepada kesihatan ibu dan anak, sambil turut menyediakan perkhidmatan menyeluruh untuk semua.

rawatan untuk semua

Perkhidmatan Kami

Di Klinik Dr. Syaz, kami bangga menawarkan pelbagai perkhidmatan kesihatan untuk memenuhi keperluan holistik anda. Kami komited untuk memberikan penjagaan terbaik dengan penuh keperihatinan dan kesabaran.


Ujian kesihatan untuk pekerja asing dan permit kerja, memastikan kesihatan dan keselamatan bekerja.

Persediaan Haji & Umrah

Penjagaan kesihatan khusus untuk persediaan ibadah haji dan umrah mendapatkan ibadah yang mabrur.


Khidmat berkhatan teliti untuk lelaki dan perempuan dengan prosedur yang selesa dan beretika.

Pembedahan dan Rawatan Khas

Pembedahan kecil dan rawatan khusus termasuk suntikan HA dan PRP untuk lutut.

Pencegahan dan Saringan

Ujian dan pencegahan kesihatan, termasuk vaksinasi, saringan kanser, dan ujian darah.

Rawatan Kesuburan & Perancangan Keluarga

Penjagaan kesihatan untuk meningkatkan kesuburan dan perkhidmatan perancang keluarga menyeluruh.
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Pesakit Dirawat

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Perkhidmatan Professional

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Review Positif

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Pengalaman Kedoktoran

Siapa Kami

Klinik Dr. Syaz

Klinik Dr. Syaz telah ditubuhkan di bawah naungan Syaz Healthcare pada tahun 2021. Kami merupakan kumpulan doktor perempuan yang berhasrat untuk menyediakan perkhidmatan kesihatan yang terkini dan terbaik dengan mengutamakan keselesaan serta kemudahan pesakit. Kami berusaha untuk membina sebuah komuniti yang memberi keutamaan kepada aspek kesihatan.

Makmal Mini

Digunakan untuk ujian darah dan air kencing untuk tujuan pemantauan terutamanya bagi demam denggi dan keputusan ujian boleh diperoleh dalam masa beberapa minit sahaja.

Perkhidmatan X-Ray

Memastikan penjagaan dan diagnosis pesakit dapat diberikan dengan segera terutamanya untuk kes-kes trauma.

Mesin Ultrasound 2d/3d/4d/5d/6d

Ultrasound untuk ibu mengandung dan pelbagai lagi skrining ultrasound lain seperti abdomen, KUB (buah pinggang / ureter / pundi kencing), tiroid, payudara, muskuloskeletal, dan prostat.

Apa Kata Mereka

Testimoni Pesakit Kami

Testimoni ini adalah cerminan dari komitmen kami untuk memberikan perkhidmatan yang cemerlang dan keutamaan kami untuk memastikan kepuasan dan kesejahteraan setiap individu.

Klinik Dr. Syaz
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Suriani RamlanSuriani Ramlan
11:44 24 May 24
I’m very happy and satisfied with the services that are provided by the doctor and also the staff in the clinic.
The service from Dr. Syaz really checked our illness carefully... and then the staff service was also good...
WeChong SeowWeChong Seow
12:37 20 May 24
Doctor is very detailed and my 4 yo kid is comfortable with her. Clinic is very clean. Most importantly the timing of the clinic is available is another plus point, it opened until 10pm even Sat & Sun. Truly appreciate.
muizz jaimuizz jai
06:29 20 May 24
Alep ImranAlep Imran
04:16 20 May 24
Highly recommended this clinic 💯 very satisfied in terms of doctor & staff service!! 👍🏻😄 very detailed explanation from doctor & staff! If you bring children, you don't need to worry because there are toys in the place, so it's clean & comfortable!!
Shazmimi MimiShazmimi Mimi
14:05 18 May 24
Very friendly clinic, good staff, very good sonographer and detailed work, all is god, I give 5 stars, love this clinic...
03:33 18 May 24
18/5/2024 staff, please update if it's been a long time, people are waiting, I'm waiting from 10:43 to 11:30, I don't know why.
Alhamdulillah, I found a good clinic... friendly doc and staff, very comfortable receiving treatment here. Pom price is reasonable 👍👍👍05/13/2024Today I follow up again with Dr Syaz, thank God the swelling of the boil is getting better... thank you all, I am very satisfied 👍👍👍20/05/2024
syafiqah abdullahsyafiqah abdullah
12:49 04 May 24
Oliviana OctoviaOliviana Octovia
11:40 04 May 24
The best clinic...friendly with customers..Good service (Detail scan)
Izzul IslamIzzul Islam
11:40 04 May 24
Very good. Doctor explains one by one
01:27 29 Apr 24
Best service from DR n Staff..went for plantar fasciitis..and the result was great
Najwa SakinaNajwa Sakina
01:32 24 Apr 24
good, friendly, attentive staff snd doctor. dr syaz handles me professionally, less pain and the most importantly not awkward at all. seluk seluk dont care 😄😂. thank you dr syaz.
12:12 14 Apr 24
Very satisfied with the service.. fast and comfortable.. friendly staff and doctor..
Muhil PrakaashMuhil Prakaash
10:51 26 Mar 24
Fantastic GP. Came here few times and excellent diagnosis, medication and service by the doctor.But..Scenario: AIA panel and visited clinic before. Front desk asked to fill up a physical form with staff ID etc.Me: how come never had to form fill up at any other AIA panel clinic.Clinic: it is still needed to be filled.Me: no other clinic asks to fill up.Clinic: It's our procedure for internal record, patient before this also AIA and filled up.Me: If it's your procedure you should fill up yourself as all the information is there on AIA page after we register.Clinic: Patient lain tak complain pun, kenapa Encik complain.Customer service kurang sket.Tak sopan.Personally I rasa kalau patient/customer dah register albeit from App, dan keperluan clinic untuk register for internal tracking, staff be kerja la nak kena fill up.Others don't complain, so what?Either take it to your team as suggestion or tell you're not authorised to fill up on your own, there's few more things you could have responded.To owner: Customer (read: patient) experience is important, you may want to improve on not requiring someone who have registered to do again redundantly at front desk once more. You may need to send your front desk for some training. But will come again sebab Doctor bagus.
08:49 19 Feb 24
Nur AfiqahNur Afiqah
06:56 03 Feb 24
The best service!!
Sojib AfnanSojib Afnan
06:40 20 Jan 24
Nurul NasuhaNurul Nasuha
16:57 12 Jan 24
Dessy AfrillyaDessy Afrillya
03:11 12 Jan 24
Best service from Dr and staff
eddy herman fauzieddy herman fauzi
02:11 11 Jan 24
Amli ibrahimAmli ibrahim
14:41 08 Jan 24
Yogaletchumy YogaYogaletchumy Yoga
13:32 08 Jan 24
One of the greatest Doctor that I meet...
Aiman MansorAiman Mansor
07:29 06 Jan 24
Friendly doctor
Ayraa AyrissAyraa Ayriss
06:59 06 Jan 24
Hill ParkersHill Parkers
03:51 05 Jan 24
faster cycle time compared to multiple clinics around here... but sometimes patient too much, ill go somewhere else.
Rafidah binti RahmatRafidah binti Rahmat
05:17 04 Jan 24
Nice clinic, friendly staff, highly recommended 😍
Ismail Mohd DomIsmail Mohd Dom
12:44 29 Dec 23
Cael GrayCael Gray
05:40 29 Dec 23
This clinic is highly recommended, the service is very good from both the doctor and his team. The doctor will check it really and will explain it really 🥰💕
I’ve been a regular patient at this clinic since 2022 for various ailments like stomach aches, diarrhea, fevers, sore throats, and colds. Every visit has been a reassuring and positive experience.The doctor here are not only highly professional but also genuinely caring. They take the time to listen to my concerns, offer thorough examinations, and provide clear explanations for their diagnoses. Their approach is both empathetic and efficient, making me feel at ease during each consultation.What stands out the most is the effectiveness of the treatments prescribed. The medications have consistently helped me recover swiftly and effectively, alleviating my symptoms much faster than I expected. It’s a relief to know that I have a reliable healthcare provider to turn to whenever I’m unwell.Additionally, the clinic’s environment is welcoming and well-maintained, ensuring a comfortable visit every time. The administrative staff are also commendable for their helpfulness and efficiency in managing appointments and follow-ups.In conclusion, I highly recommend this clinic for anyone seeking top-notch medical care. Their dedication to patient well-being is evident in every aspect of their service. A heartfelt thank you to the entire team for always being there when I need them the most.
Fatin Aina AnuarFatin Aina Anuar
07:07 20 Dec 23
Bad clinic, the doctor doesn't seem to give any advice, I think it's not from syaz, the staff is pretending, then when you ask about the function of the medicine, you answer that you didn't tell me yet??? Not recommended
Khai CoderKhai Coder
09:08 14 Dec 23
Fast and easy business
Erma SyazeelaErma Syazeela
08:48 12 Dec 23
My favourite Klinik for my families and i.The Doctors are very friendly, cheerful, helpful and infomative.Thanks
akmal sharifakmal sharif
09:56 10 Dec 23
Lidyawati TajudinLidyawati Tajudin
07:17 09 Dec 23
Our family's preferred clinic. A very friendly doctor and a comfortable and clean environment 👍🏻
shieta azizanshieta azizan
07:01 09 Dec 23
Dr. Syaz is very friendly and kind. Soft spoken. Even u are nervous, u can be relax a bit becos of her nice treatment and way she talk. Nice environment also in the clinic. The nurses and staff there also nice and good. Thank you so much!
Dede susanti GimbunDede susanti Gimbun
06:20 09 Dec 23
very best, very friendly doctorthe price is very comfortable, satisfiedget the results, we can all ask the doctor, our doctor is very friendly 🥰🥰 Thank you doctor SYAZ
amalina 21amalina 21
03:48 08 Dec 23
1st time I came to Dr. Syaz's clinic for questions about the IUI procedure, the staff at the inquiry counter were very satisfied.. from the 1st appointment until today, the doctor & staff were very kind and friendly.. all explanations were very clear.. see u all next appointment 🥰
Laila JannahLaila Jannah
13:26 07 Dec 23
Mah Sau fongMah Sau fong
08:09 07 Dec 23
Doctor is friendly, professional and helpful. Very satisfied.
noor mawatinoor mawati
01:12 06 Dec 23
Good doctor & staff, with details explanation. Smooth process, and faster to get treatment. No need to old waiting. Tq.
pro hunterzpro hunterz
11:30 05 Dec 23
I’m very happy and satisfied with the services that are provided by the doctor and also the staff in the clinic. Insyaallah for the future, if i have any sickness, i will go to the Clinic Dr.Syaz only.
Cik aujiCik auji
13:17 02 Dec 23
Safuan WatanabeSafuan Watanabe
12:47 02 Dec 23
ac asac as
11:45 02 Dec 23
khafif azimkhafif azim
06:23 01 Dec 23
Beautiful clinic! The staff at the counter were very helpful! Dr is also very best and friendly.
Hanani JaafarHanani Jaafar
05:25 01 Dec 23
Fikri YaacobFikri Yaacob
03:23 01 Dec 23
dina yanadina yana
11:22 30 Nov 23
Muhammad FauziMuhammad Fauzi
11:04 30 Nov 23
Very satisfied
Iman RoslanIman Roslan
11:10 29 Nov 23
Dr. Syaz is very good!
Maziana MohamadMaziana Mohamad
03:38 29 Nov 23
First time coming.. doctor and staff very friendly, harmonious atmosphere.. best service!
Nur SyafiqahNur Syafiqah
13:55 28 Nov 23
Ary AffandiAry Affandi
12:43 28 Nov 23
Doktor sgt friendly ❤️
fara omarfara omar
10:24 28 Nov 23
Very good dr
Shahrul AnuarShahrul Anuar
07:27 28 Nov 23
The best staff 👍
09:05 26 Nov 23
Siti Hatizah HatizahSiti Hatizah Hatizah
12:48 25 Nov 23
The staff is friendly and the clinic is comfortable, the doctor is just nice 🤩. Best for every service provided 🤗🤗
Norhidayah HadzariNorhidayah Hadzari
12:39 25 Nov 23
Izza AzmiIzza Azmi
11:27 25 Nov 23
Bad service
Muhammad Al-HafizMuhammad Al-Hafiz
08:17 21 Nov 23
Sushi Cat_miao2Sushi Cat_miao2
05:50 20 Nov 23
1.Very clean and tidy. Even my kids are sick they like the play area.2.The nurses and the doctor are very helpful and good.3.Access to get older people by wheelchair is available and convenient.4.Overall my rating are 5/5
12:45 19 Nov 23
Go and use the MADANI Medical plan, come in for a check-up for up to 5 minutes and charge RM70 if it's worth it, it's better to go to the 1MALAYSIA clinic
Ellisha IzhamEllisha Izham
22:31 16 Nov 23
I had a pleasant experience with Dr Syaz. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone. Very professional & friendly.
Syed AriffSyed Ariff
08:18 14 Jul 23
Dr Syazwani is warm, confident, professional and most importantly, makes me feel assured to be treated under her. Her explanation during my Hyaluronic Acid knee injection was clear and the technique was superb and pain free!!!!And lastly, her prices are very affordable compared to other clinics offering the same procedures.Definitely recommended!!!!!
Syed Q HikmaSyed Q Hikma
14:46 04 Jul 23
Dr Syaz and her staff provided excellent service when I came to the clinic twice.. Explained thoroughly on each and every aspect of the tests.. Greeted with smile and tip top service by her staff.. Clean and organized interior including the washroom.. Price is affordable too and 'marhaen'.. Keep up the good work and all the best!
Excellent Service 👍👍👍Experienced & Professional Doctor Syazwani. 🤩🤩🤩Nice environment esp with kids. Reasonable price.Really recommended.
Ah HuaiAh Huai
07:27 27 Apr 23
My first time went to Klinik Dr Syaz for my 33 weeks 5D growth scan. I'm very happy and impressed with the way Dr Syaz handling to get the best shot of baby photo. Very friendly Dr and staffs. I highly recommend and do visit this Klinik. 💯👍

Panel Kami

Rakan Panel Klinik Dr. Syaz

Kami berusaha memberikan kemudahan dan kecekapan kepada pemegang polisi insurans dalam mendapatkan perkhidmatan kesihatan yang diperlukan.